2021 Tournament Schedule

*  2021.1 Tournament Schedule 

General information:
Tournament entry fees are $30 unless noted below and are billed to your Oakhurst Account. If you are 70 years of age or older you can

elect to play from the White Tees unless noted below. Each tournament entry is open about one month prior to the event and entries

close the Friday at 5:00pm prior to the event. (The Member-Guest and the Member-Member have earlier entry deadlines)

We have a tournament handicapping system, for details please visit our website at www.oakhurstmensclub.com.

January 9            Tournament of 2020 Champions
Jan. 11-15 Tee Box Aerification
January 30         
NCGA 4-Ball Net (2-Man Better-Ball)
February 20        NCGA Zone Qualifier (Better 2-Ball of 4)
Feb. 22-25 Fairway Aerification
March 13            Stableford Format ABCD Blind Draw
March 15-18 Greens Aerification (hollow tine)
April 10
              NCGA SENIOR 4-Ball Net (2-Man Better-Ball)

April 24              NCGA Individual Net
April 26-30 Fairway Aerification
May                    Presidents Cup Match Play Begins
May 1st & 2nd     Stroke Play Club Championship

May 3-7 Greens Aerification (solid tine)
June 21-25 Tee Box Aerification
July 10               6,6,6 (You choose 6 white, 6 gold & 6 black tees)

July 12-16 Fairway Aerification
Aug. 2-6 Greens Aerification (solid tine)

August 11th (6:30pm)       Calcutta Dinner for the Member-Member
August 28th & 29th      Annual Member-Member
September 9-11  Member Guest Invitational

October 30          Annual Senior Open (white tees)
Sept. 13-17 Tee Box Aerification
September 25 & 26
      Match Play Club Championship (qual 26th)
October 2 & 3    Match Play CC (Matches)
Oct. 4-8 Greens Aerification (solid needle tine)
November 13     The Ed Lexon Texas Scramble (Charity Event)
December 11      Holiday Classic