2023 Tournament Schedule

*  2023 Tournament Schedule 

General information:
Tournament entry fees are $30 unless noted in the tournament entry form and are billed to your Oakhurst Account. 2023 we will be adjusting our tournament tees to use the Gold / White Combo tees for all players, unless noted below. Each tournament entry is open about one month prior to the event and entries close the Friday at 5:00pm prior to the event. Most Handicaps will be used on the entry deadline date. (The Member-Guest and the Member-Member have earlier entry deadlines) We have a tournament handicapping system, for details please visit our website at www.oakhurstmensclub.com.

January 7th            Tournament of 2022 Champions
January 21          NCGA 4-Ball Net (2-Man Better-Ball)
February 18        NCGA Zone Qualifier (Better 2-Ball of 4)

Fed. 27th March 3rd Fairway and Tee Box Aerification
March 11            Stableford Format ABCD Blind Draw
March 13 & 14 Greens Aerification (hollow tine 5/8 inch)
April 8
                NCGA SENIOR 4-Ball Net (2-Man Better-Ball)
May                    Presidents Cup Match Play Begins
May 6th & 7th      Stroke Play Club Championship
May 15 Greens Aerification (needle tine)
June 22 24  Member Guest Invitational
June 20-22 Tee Box Aerification
July 8                  6,6,6 (You choose 6 white, 6 gold & 6 black tees)
July 10 Greens Aerification (solid tine)
August 10th (6:30pm)       Calcutta Dinner for the Member-Member
August 14th Needle tine greens
 August 26th & 27th Annual Member-Member
September 16th & 17th Match Play Club Championship (qual 16th)
September 23rd & 24th Match Play CC (Matches)
Sept, 25th & 26th Greens Aerification (hollow tine 5/8th)
Oct. 2nd 5th Tee Box Aerification 
October 21st          Annual Senior Open (White Tees)
November 11th     The Ed Lexon Texas Scramble (Charity Event)
December 9th       Holiday Classic