Oakhurst Men’s Club
Presidents Cup Match Play Tournament
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The format for this tournament is as follows:

Starting the weekend of May 8th you will have several weeks to play your matches,
First round matches must be played before June 21st. (NO EXCEPTIONS).
The deadline for each match is published on the master ladders that will be sent out by May 8th. 
(Do not sign-up for this tournament if you are unable to play on weekends)! Check the tournament
ladder in the bar area. The top player is responsible for making the first contact, but it is up to both
players to make efforts to get these matches scheduled.  This is a Net Tournament.
The handicap will be 100% of your May 1st handicap (or TI) for the duration of tournament.
Each match you will “spin” off the lower handicap to determine where your strokes fall.




Presidents Cup Matches
Begins the weekend of May 8th 

Name: __________________________________________________



ENTRY DUE BY May 1st. $30 entry fee will be billed to your Oakhurst Account.