Posting Rules

When playing a tournament please make sure that you post your score as a tournament score. We do play some formats under tournament conditions that you should not post and those are noted in the individual tournament rules sheets. If you have any questions or issues (i.e. Injury) it is your responsibility to call the handicap or tournament chair or attach a note to your card so we can review the situation. When you play at Oakhurst not during a tournament, and play an alternate format like a scramble please still put a card in the card box when you complete your round and write the words "alternative format" on the card, otherwise we would not know that you played a different format. If you do not turn in a card and your name is on the tee sheet at the proshop desk you will receive a penalty score. You need to post your score on the NCGA computer within 24 hours of completing your round, that means by 8:00am on that second day after you have completed that round. A penalty score is defined by the NCGA as your lowest score posted in the last 20 scores. If you did turn in an incorrectly completed scorecard you will not be notified. There will be a sheet next to the computer that states what your penalty is for. New NCGA and USGA rules allows you to post a nine hole score if you only complete 7 to 12 holes. In this case you need to post your score and put a 9 in-front of your nine hole score. If you play 13 to 18 holes you post an 18 hole score. If you fall short in completing the 9 or 18 holes, you complete your 9 or 18 holes scores with scores that fall under your handicap. Meaning if you stroke on 18 and you did not play that hole you would write a 5 on that hole. You will receive a penalty score if you miss post your score and if you do not adjust your score to the handicap rules, which are posted next to the computer. The handicap committee is working hard to keep our tournaments on an equal playing field. They are doing a great job and we would appreciate your support in keeping the above rules in mind.