Men's Club  Information

Tournament Entry Cancellation: If you sign-up for a tournament and cancel after the application deadline you will be charged for the entry fee unless you find a replacement. If you are in a team tournament and do not show-up to play you have to cover the fees for the other teammates that were left high and dry and you will not be able to play in the next event.

Men's Club NCGA Qualifying Tournament Player(s) / Team Replacement Policy:

1. NCGA Individual Net Oakhurst Qualifying Tournament:
If any qualifier is unable to participate in the next round on the date selected by the NCGA, that player will forfeit their slot to the next available individual in the order of finishing position during the Oakhurst qualifying tournament.

2. NCGA 4-Ball and NCGA Senior 4-Ball Oakhurst Qualifying Tournaments (Two Man Better Ball):
If any of the qualifying team members are unable to participate on the date selected by the NCGA, the qualifying team will forfeit their slot to the next available team, in the order of their finishing position during the Oakhurst qualifying tournament.

3. NCGA Zone Oakhurst Qualifying Tournament (4 Man, 2 Better Balls):
If any of the qualifying team members are unable to participate on the date selected by the NCGA, the qualifying team will be allowed to select replacement players from the pool of players who played in the Oakhurst qualifying event. If all four members of the qualifying team cannot participate on the date selected by the NCGA, the next team, in order of their finishing position during the Oakhurst qualifying tournament, will become eligible.

Money List: The money list is updated after every tournament and includes all tournament winnings
except Senior Only Events and the Member-Guest.

Slow Play: This will not be tolerated and each tournament has a rules sheet that outlines the penalties.

Men's Club By-Laws

ARTICLE I – Name, Address and Organizational Status

A.     The name of the club shall be “The Oakhurst Country Club Men’s Golf Club” hereinafter referred to as “the club”.

B.     The official address shall be 1001 Peacock Creek Drive, Clayton, Ca. 94517.

C.     The club is organized not for pecuniary profit and is without capital stock.

D.     Membership in the club is non-proprietary.

E.      “Oakhurst” hereinafter refers to the current owner of Oakhurst and its facilities (currently National Golf Properties / American Golf).

ARTICLE II – Club Purpose

            The purpose of the club is to:

A.     Provide a representative body for the promotion of club members’ health, happiness and pleasure.

B.     Ensure uniformity applicable to the rules and regulation of Oakhurst, The Northern California Golf Association, and the United States Golf Association.

C.     To afford members the opportunity for competitive tournament play on a local, regional and state level.

D.     To provide a uniform handicapping system.

E.      To provide a communications channel to Oakhurst from the Men’s club.

ARTICLE III – Membership

A.     Types

There will be Three types of memberships in the club.  They are:

1.      Regular:  A regular member is one whom pays the annual Men’s Club fee. (The fee will be determined by the Board of the Men’s Club).  The regular member shall have voting rights and may hold office.

2.      Employee:  At the discretion of the board, Oakhurst employees, amateur or professional, may be approved for membership.  They may be disqualified from some tournaments, may not hold office and may not vote.

3.      Junior: A junior member, (younger than 18 years of age), may join only to keep a handicap and can play in special events set by the Board Of Directors. I.e. Father / Child tournament.

4.      Term of Membership

Membership in the club shall be on a calendar year basis. Member’s dues must be paid 30 days prior to the next calendar year to keep their membership active from the previous year. NCGA membership is from December 15th of each year to December 15th of the next year. Your GHIN number will be frozen if not paid by the December 15th date.

5.      Fees

All memberships fees and dues shall be established by the board of directors.

6.      Conduct of Members

A member, whose conduct or actions, in the opinion of the board, is likely to endanger the welfare, character, or best interest of the club, may be reprimanded, fined, suspended, or terminated by a majority of the board.  Such vote shall be taken at a duly called meeting of the board to which the subject member has been invited.   The invitation shall set forth the charge or charges against the member and shall set forth the time and place for such hearing.   The board shall be accommodating to insure the rights of the charged member.

ARTICLE IV  – Tournament Eligibility

The Board has the right to deny certain outside players to play in our events. Professional Golfers are not allowed to partake in our events. Juniors are not allowed to partake in our events unless it is a certain approved event. The Board has the right to adjust our members and outside players’ handicaps if The Board feels it is inaccurate or not up to date. The Board can regulate our members’ handicaps and make adjustments where seen fit. Outside players (not including Professionals) that do not have handicaps may play in our invited events but they must play to a zero handicap.

ARTICLE V – Board of Directors

The board of directors shall consist of at least five duly elected members; president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and director.  An additional director shall be elected when the club membership reaching 200, 300, 400, etc.  The term of these officers is one year based on a calendar year. The board of directors shall meet at times and places as they may select.  The board may meet by telephone provided that all the board members are contacted.  The board shall fill vacancies by majority vote of appointments made by the president in the case of the president being the vacancy the vice president shall assume the duties of president and proceed as stated above.  Board meetings will be called by the president as needed.  Any member wishing to communicate with the board shall be invited to the next board meeting by the president.  If there are tournament directors outside of the board for certain tournaments that tournament director will be invited to join the board meetings.

ARTICLE VI – Elections

At least five weeks prior to the annual meeting the board shall appoint a nominating committee consisting of members in good standing.  The chairman, also appointed by the board shall be a prominent member of the club.  At least four weeks prior to the annual meeting the nominating committee shall post upon the club bulletin board the candidates selected to run for each office.  Any member wishing to run for any office shall add his name to the list on the bulletin board.  Members may nominate other members in the same way.  Fifteen days prior to the annual meeting the ballot will be closed.   Members whose names appear on the ballot will be contacted as to consent.  At least 10 days prior to the election the board will then post the final ballot on the bulletin board and mail said ballot to all the members.  The election shall be held around the Holiday tournament at a location decided by the board.   All members in good standing shall have the right to vote for all offices.  Voting shall occur by written ballot and shall be supervised by a panel of three judges appointed by the board.  Persons whose names appear on the most ballots shall be declared the winners.  The judge’s decision shall be final and the result shall be posted on the bulletin board.  A quorum shall be the members present at a duly called meeting.  Each active member shall be entitled to one vote.

ARTICLE VII – Duties of Officers

A.     President- The president shall preside at all board meetings and meeting of the membership.  The president shall have authority to appoint all standing committee chairman board replacements and special appointments subject to approval of the board.  He shall be an ex-officio member of all committees and shall have general and complete supervision of the affairs of the club. He will also sit as a Director to the Oakhurst Advisory Committee.

B.     Vice President- The vice president shall replace the president when he is unable to act for any reason.  He shall be an ex-officio member of the greens and ground committee. He will also sit as a Director to the Oakhurst Advisory Committee when the President  not available.

C.     Secretary- The secretary shall keep an accurate record of all proceedings of the board and all correspondence concerning business.  He shall also act as the handicap chairperson.

D.     Treasurer- The treasurer shall keep an accurate and current record of all financial matters of the club.  It shall be the duty of the treasurer to give semi-annual accounting to the club members either by mail or by posting on the bulletin board.  The treasurer may sign checks.

E.      Director(s)- The director(s) shall serve at the pleasure of the board.

ARTICLE VIII – Standing Committees

The standing committees shall be as follows: Handicap Greens, Nominating, Tournament, By-Laws Review, Invitations, and Membership.

ARTICLE IX – Bylaws changes

            The bylaws of the club shall be amended in one of two ways:

A.     The board shall propose bylaws amendments by calling a general membership meeting 30 days in advance.  The exact working of the change shall be mailed to each member, spelling out the reasons for the change and the exact time, place, and date of the meeting. 

B.     Any member shall have the right to do the same as the above after communicating with the board.  The board shall set the date, place and time for the meeting and will mail the proposal to all members in its next scheduled mailing.