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Oakhurst CC participates in the BASA program, which includes most of the country clubs in the greater Bay Area. BASA members schedule
home and away events throughout the summer. The matches are more of a social event than competition. A typical day includes breakfast,
golf, and lunch. The golf portion of the activity usually consists of mixed foursomes (members of both/sometimes 3 clubs) playing a team
stableford format. Limited prizes are usually awarded following the match. There are no standings or records of wins and losses, so competition
is minimized. The cost for any event is set by the host club, but usually will be in the $55 range. A member can participate in some/all of the
events, so don’t feel as though you must play each event. We do, however, expect any participants to play in as many home events as away
contests. You DO NOT have to be a Men’s Club member to participate, but you must be 50+ years old, have an established handicap,
and be an Oakhurst Golf member.

                        2020 OAKHURST SENIOR (50+) SCHEDULE

SATURDAY, MARCH 28:             Pre-Season Kick-Off Tournament at Oakhurst (11:00 lunch)

THURSDAY, APRIL9:                 at Villages (PM)

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 15:            at Crow Canyon (AM)

TUESDAY, APRIL 21:      at La Rinconada (PM)

WED./THURS. APRIL 22/23:      at Bayonet (1:00?)/Poppy Hills (Tee times beginning at 8:30)

TUESDAY, MAY 5:                              Contra Costa/Discovery Bay (AM)

WEDNESDAY, MAY 13:               at Discovery Bay (AM)

THURSDAY, MAY 21:                 Chapman Scotch Tournament

THURSDAY, MAY 28:     Blackhawk/Rossmoor at Oakhurst (AM)

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 3:               at Rossmoor (AM)

THURSDAY, JUNE 4:        Round Hill/Richmond/Napa at Oakhurst (AM)

THURSDAY, JUNE 11:                         at Moraga (AM)

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 17:                     Senior Social (5:00)

TUES/WED, JUNE23/24:                   Greenhorn/Copper Valley (Saddle Creek)

THURSDAY, JULY 2:                           Castlewood/Berkeley/Crow Canyon/Stonetree at Oakhurst (AM)

THURSDAY, JULY 9:                   at Richmond (AM)

WEDNESDAY, JULY 15:              at Castlewood (AM)

THURSDAY, JULY 16:                 at Stonetree (AM)

WEDNESDAY, JULY 22:              at Berkeley (AM)

WEDNESDAY, JULY 29:              at Contra Costa (AM)

THURSDAY, AUGUST 6;                      at Claremont (PM)

THURSDAY, AUGUST 13:                   Moraga/Claremont at Oakhurst (AM)

 THURSDAY, AUGUST 20:                  LaRinconada/Bayonet/Villages at Oakhurst (PM)

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 26:               Women’s Club / Senior Mixer Tournament

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 2:      at Blackhawk (AM)

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 8:           Seniors at Poppy Ridge

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 16:    at Round Hill (AM)

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 24:             Green Tee Tournament

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 1:                    at Napa (AM)

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 6:                       Senior Social (5:00)

WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER  14:       End of Year – Yocha Dehe Trip

THURSDAY, OCTOBER 22:          SGOTY Tournament (AM + lunch) - 16 Golfers



If you are interested in this opportunity, contact Larry Sheppard by email ( or

phone (925) 586-5745.














2019 OAKHURST SENIOR (50+) SCHEDULE (updated)


March  20 and 21  – Spring Aeration
SATURDAY, MARCH 30:         Pre-Season Kick-Off Tournament at Oakhurst (11:00 lunch)
THURSDAY, APRIL 11:    at Moraga (AM)
WEDNESDAY, APRIL 17:        at Crow Canyon (AM)
WED./THURS. APRIL 24/25:     at Bayonet (1:00?)/Poppy Hills (9:00)
WEDNESDAY, MAY 1:            at Castlewood (AM)
**THURSDAY, MAY 9:                 Green Tee Tournament (Oakhurst Only)
WEDNESDAY, MAY 15:           at Discovery Bay (AM)
THURSDAY, MAY 23:             Round Hill / Stonetree at Oakhurst (AM)
THURSDAY, MAY 30:                Blackhawk/Rossmoor at Oakhurst (AM)
WEDNESDAY, JUNE 5:           at Rossmoor (AM)
THURSDAY, JUNE 13:     at Stonetree (AM)
**THURSDAY, JUNE 20: Chapman Scotch Tournament (Oakhurst Only)
TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY, JUNE 25/26     at Greenhorn (10:30)/Saddle Creek (9:00)
TUESDAY, JULY 2:                      at La Rinconada (PM)
WEDNESDAY, JULY 10:          at Contra Costa (AM)
THURSDAY, JULY 11:            at Richmond (AM)
WEDNESDAY, JULY 24:          at Berkeley (AM)
TUESDAY, JULY 30:          Berkeley/Discovery Bay at Oakhurst (AM)
August 8– Solid Tine Greens
THURSDAY, AUGUST 8:                 at Claremont (PM)
THURSDAY, AUGUST 15:                Moraga/Claremont at Oakhurst (AM)
 THURSDAY, AUGUST 22:               San Jose/LaRinconada/Bayonet at Oakhurst (PM)
WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 28:            Women’s Club / Senior Mixer Tournament
WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 4:     at Blackhawk (AM)
TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 10:        at San Jose (PM)
WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 18:   at Round Hill (AM)
TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 24:              Contra Costa/Richmond/Castlewood at Oakhurst (AM)
TUESDAY, OCTOBER 1:      Napa/Crow Canyon at Oakhurst (AM)
THURSDAY, OCTOBER 10:                at Napa (AM)
October 9 and 10– Fall Aeration
WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER  16:           End of Year – Yocha Dehe Trip
THURSDAY, OCTOBER 24:          SGOTY Tournament (AM + lunch) - 16 Golfers